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the store

In 1991, the Yi couple decided to take over an old shoe-repair shop in downtown Philadelphia. Now the shop boasts 23 years of history in quality craftmanship and fine business. The shop is honest about using the best grade materials and always positive about any type of repairment concerns the customers may have for their shoes. Most of the shop's customers are return-comers or long-term customers which they have developed over many years of hard work service and candid friendship.

the cobbler

The cobbler, Mr.Kahn Yi has mastery in leather manipulation with both hands and machinery, ensuring that every obstacle is met with the right kind of solution to its problem. Before starting business at Unique Shoe Repair, Kahn worked at an air-conditioning company as the director of mechanics and his specialization was in sheet metal duct fabrication. Mr. Yi concentrates on providing services that excel in both clean-cut visual presentation and durable construction so that the customers are satisfied with both the looks and the repairment of their shoes. His priority is always about making the customers happy.

the shop

The shop at Unique Shoe Repair carries shoe related products that are essentials to taking care of your beloved and valuable shoes. From shoe-trees to shoe-covers, insoles to slip-pads, dye products to stretch products, cleaning brush to shoe horns, Unique Shoe Repair has them all. Also umbrellas are available for quick-grabs on rainy days, and unexpectable finds such as gloves, hats, and socks are also there for a surprise. Come visit the store for more-!

the location

Unique Shoe Repair is also very convenient in its location. Just 10 minutes away from the Rittenhouse Square Park by foot, and 10 minutes drive from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Unique Shoe Repair is just blocks away from the famous restaurants and shopping streets. New buildings are constantly under construction near the shop and the area has a bright future in developing into even brighter residential neighborhood.

customer comments

Dear Mr.Kahn

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Mr.Kahn for a job well done. Over the past three years Mr.Kahn has been repairing my shoes on a regular basis, and I am pleased to say that during this time I have been completely satisfied. His skilled workmanship and professional service are to be sure a rare commodity in a profession that for the most part has lost not only its sense of reponsibility to the customer, but moreover, to the craftsmanship of making and repairing shoes. Once again, I would like to say thank you to Mr.Kahn and also his wife for providing outstanding workmanship and quality service.

Thank you,
Douglas S. Thompson

Dear Mr. Yi,

As your shoe repair material supplier, I am writing to thank you for using the best grade of materials in your shoe repair business. Although the price of such is more, we are pleased to see your commitment to providing your customers the highest quality products and workmanship.

We are sure that in providing your customer prime grades of leather and the high quality rubber that you will enjoy repeat and increasing business. We are pleased to be partners in your growth and look forward to serving your business needs.

Sincerely yours,
Louis Buonomo

To Whom It My Concern

Craftsmanship is increasingly rare in the world today, and Philadelphia is fortunate in having the proprietor and artisan of Unique Shoe Repair as one of the finest.

No job is too small for him, and he gives it his complete attention. The results are always excellent, or better yet superb, and--perhaps best of all in this age of mediocrity--he takes pride in his work.

Jerry W. Knudson, Ph D.
Professor Emeritus

Dear Mr. Yi

I want to thank you for the wonderful repairs you made to the several pairs of shoes I brought to you.

I must admit that I have not seen such exquisite craftsmanship. You can be sure I will be returning to you for future repairs and I will be happy to recommend your work to others.

Mary S. Schaheen
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yi

Your talent as shoe repair professionals is quite impressive. I have been to many shoe repair shops over the past ten years, and they had collectively damaged the welts on my shoes by stitching new holes into the welts each time the shoes were resoled. You showed me this problem and pulled all thread out of the welt, before restitching on one pair of shoes. The new job you did made the top of the welt once again have that factory-fresh look.

On another pair which I planned to discard because the welt was so cracked and damaged by prior poor shoe repair technique, you mad these shoes look new by replacing the welt prior to resoling. I estimate your repair saved me $80.00, compared to the price of purchasing a new pair of these Florsheim oxfords.

I am pleased that I have found such skilled craftmen as you, and I recommend you to my friends when they ask about shoe and leather repair.

very truly yours,
John C. Agner

About 2 months ago I brought a pair of boots into this establishment for repair. I was reluctant to bring them as I thought there was no way these boots could be fixed. LIttle did I know, this was no ordinary shoe repairman. He transformed a pair of boots I was about to trash into a brand new pair of boots. It was nothing short of a miracle. Now, I bring all my repairs here, I trust no one else to repair my boots. I recommend this establishment to everyone. This is one of Phila's finest business operations. Thanks for A Great Job!-Howard

My shoes needed to be completely re-make for the soles were cracked completely through, and this wonderful man took on this project and result these shoes to last forever!

To Whom It May To Concern

The work done at Unique Shoe Repair is outstanding. The shoe repair does a fantastic job in their repairing of my shoes. I always receive very good service and the owners are very nice people. I would recommend to anyone who needed to have his/her shoes repaired to come to Unique. They will not find a better shoe repair service in Philadelphia.

Glenn D. Gross, Phd.

Dear Kahn S. Yi,

It is a pleasure to bring my shoes to your shop for repair. YOu do such a wonderful job! My shoes always look like new shoes. Your work is commendable. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you for good work and your courteous manners.

Very truly yours,
Rosemary Fitzpatrick

Dear Mr. Yi

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the excellent work and quality service that you provided for my family and me.

Within the past several weeks I had brought in several pairs of shoes in various states of disrepair. You were able to repair all of them in a timely and cost effective manner. The courtesy that you extended to my family and me was greatly appreciated. It is because of this courtesy that I will continue to bring all my shoes to you.

Again, my thanks for all of your work and attention.

Charles R. Hardaway, Esq.

Dear Mr. Kahn,

Finding a pair of shoes or boots that fit well and are of a style to your liking is not an easy task in my opinion. Therefore, once that is accomplished, I'm happy to keep wearing the footwear until I no longer like it. Of course, the footwear shows signs of wear and tear before this happens. This is why I am so happy to have found your shop.

Your work is of the highest quality. In fact, the repairs that you have don to my shoes and boots over the past few years make the footwear better than when they were new. Each time I pickup my footwear after your work is done, the shoes look like new. I actually feel like I've gotten a new pair. I always leave with a big smile. Thank you so much for your perfectionism and best of health for the coming holidays and the New Year.

Margaret A.(Peggy) Kane

Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you did on my black pumps. These are my favorite shoes, and I was afraid that they were damaged beyond repair, but you have made them better than new.

I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Elizabeth C. Scheyder

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yi,

I write to express my appreciation for the many years of exemplary service you have given me regarding the upkeep of my shoes. I couldn't be more impressed with the high quality of your workmanship, nor more pleased with honest and courteous manner in which you have mapped our these various repair projects.

I gladly continue to recommend your services to anyone.

David Borodin

I am writing to thank Mr.Yi for the terrific work he did repairing my shoes, and to recommend his services.

Recently, my favorite pair of shoes came apart. They were not only practical, but had sentimental value for me. The stitch attaching the sole to the upper unraveled, causing the sole to become detached. I was upset at the prospect of losing my favorite shoes, so I immediately started looking for someone to repair them. But shop after shop turned me away. They said it was impossible to reattach the sole, because they didn't have the right machine. I became discouraged.

But then I came to Unique Shoe Repair. Mr. Yi didn't even hesitate when I showed him the damage. He did not complain about not having the right machine--he restitched the sole by hand. I have not had any problems with the shoe since. Mr.Yi is a true craftman, and his establishment is truly Unique among Philadelphia shoe repair shops.

With many regards,
Simon Finger

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yi:

It's a pleasure to be served by a business that understands that customer service and quality are good business. Even if good service and good work were not in such short supply generally, yours would stand out.

I will pay you my highest compliment. I promise to keep giving you my business.

See you soon.

James N. Crutchfield

Unique Shoe Repair



"23 years of history in cobbling"

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"Carefully removes the worn half-sole and replaces with a new one."



"Entirely removes the upper sole and replaces with a new one."



"Worn heel is taken off and replaced with a brand new heel."



"Amends worn part of the shoe's tip with a new piece of leather to its perfection."



"Places a set of protective pieces on the bottom of the sole. Usually over the top of new half/full-sole and heels."



"Shoes in leather material can be stretched up to half an inch."



"Shoes in light colors can be dyed to darker colors. "
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custom repair

"Bags, purses, zippers, tears and holes, just about any kind of repairment is possible upon discussion. Bring your item to our store for revival-! "



"We also make keys-! Apartment keys, car keys, mailbox keys, (etc)"